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Earthquake Maps and Lists

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Note (4/9/2015): The ANSS Comprehensive Catalog (ComCat) contains earthquake source parameters (e.g. hypocenters, magnitudes, phase picks and amplitudes) and other products (e.g. moment tensor solutions, macroseismic information, tectonic summaries, maps) produced by contributing seismic networks. This comprehensive collection of seismic information will eventually replace the ANSS composite catalog hosted by the Northern California Data Center; however, historic regional seismic network catalogs have not yet been fully loaded.

We are hoping to update the selection of earthquake maps and lists from the ANSS catalog.

Special Maps
Maps of earthquakes
This page contains earthquake maps for various regions of the world and the United States, generated from the ANSS catalog. These maps include earthquake through mid 1997.
Earthquake depths
This page illustrates the distribution of earthquakes with depth and includes several cross-section plots.
Monthly maps of global earthquake activity
These maps are generated by the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory on a monthly basis using data from the ANSS catalog.

The ANSS catalog can be used as part of a middle school science lesson of earthquakes. Here is an example: