Category: "2002 Denali Earthquake"

BDSN HH & HL data now continuous

September 25th, 2004
September 25, 2004 As of September 25, the NCEDC is archiving continuous data from the BDSN HH and HL channels. In the past, we had archived waveform snippets or triggers for events for the HH and HL channels, while archiving BH and lower data rates… more »

NCEDC archives continuous BDSN data for the 2002/11/03 Denali earthquake

March 25th, 2004
The NCEDC has archived 2 days of continuous high frequency data from the BDSN network for the days surrounding the magnitude 7.8 Denali earthquake of November 3, 2002. Instead of the normally triggered data at sample rates of 80 or 100 Hz, the NCEDC… more »

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