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FISSURES framework implemented at the NCEDC

November 11th, 2004
We are pleased to announce that the BSL has implemented the FISSURES/DHI framework at the NCEDC. FISSURES is an IRIS project, led by the University of South Carolina. Several FISSURES/DHI services have been implemented at the NCEDC and are available… more »

EVT_FAST now supports SEED format

November 11th, 2004
The NCEDC is very pleased to announce the availability of SEED and mini-SEED format output from the EVT_FAST data request tool. EVT_FAST is an email and Web-based tool for requesting event data recorded primarily by the Northern California Seismic… more »

EVT_FAST system provides access to NCSN waveform data

November 16th, 2001
The USGS Northern California Seismic Network (NCSN) has recorded seismic waveforms for events in northern California from 1984 through present time. These data are archived at the NCEDC, and are now available to users via the EVT_FAST automated event… more »

Quanterra Timing Errors

July 1st, 2000
July 1st, 2000 This description of the Quanterra timing errors is primarily taken from the 1999-2000 Annual Report of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. In late 1998, Quanterra provided the first release of MultiSHEAR, an enhanced version of its… more »

NetDC available at the NCEDC

January 23rd, 2000
January 23, 2000 NetDC (Networked Data Centers), a system that allows users to easily and transparently request and retrieve information about seismic and geophysical network data from multiple data centers, is now available at the NCEDC. A NetDC… more »

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