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NCSN Byteorder problem resolved

October 20th, 1999
October 20, 1999 We have corrected the byte order problem that was detected earlier this year in a number of NCSN grm (waveform) files at the NCEDC. See the announcement: Byteorder problem detected in some NCSN waveform files for details. A few (~… more »

New 2.5 TeraByte Mass Store

April 1st, 1999
February 1, 1999 The NCEDC has upgraded its mass storage system for seismic and geophysical data sets to a 2.5 TeraByte storage system. With funding from the USGS and BSL, the NCEDC purchased in mid-1998 a DISC jukebox which with capacity for 500… more »

New facilities at UC Berkeley

February 1st, 1999
February 1, 1999 On February 1, 1999 the NCEDC completed its move into the newly renovated space in McCone Hall along with the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) on the UC Berkeley campus. This move brings all of the NCEDC operations back to a… more »

IP Address Change

June 16th, 1997
June 16, 1997 The Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC) computer will change its IP address Monday June 16 1997 at ~ 17:00 PDT. Old address - NEW address - If your computer uses the Domain Name… more »

YBH Broadband Seismometer Change

May 17th, 1996
The 3-component broadband seismometer at YBH has temporarily been changed from STS-1s to an STS-2 as of 96.138.0000 UTC, and will likely remain so (perhaps for a few months) until the defective STS-1V seismometer is repaired and re-installed. The SEED… more »

Magnitude change in UC Berkeley Earthquake Catalog

January 23rd, 1996
The UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory recently recomputed the station adjustments used to calculate local magnitude. Using a data set of over 1000 events, Dr. Robert Uhrhammer has estimated new station adjustments for the stations of the Berkeley… more »

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