Category: "Northern Hayward Fault Network (NHFN, BK)"

Modifications to the FIR filters on the BDSN and Mini-PBO Q4120 dataloggers

June 30th, 2003
The BDSN and MiniPBO Q4120 Quanterras will be reconfigured and rebooted at 5 pm PST today (July 1, 00:00 UTC) in order to change the FIR filter for the 100 Hz channels from acausal to causal. The affected stations are: BDSN BDM CVS FARB PACP POTP POTR… more »

Quanterra Timing Errors

July 1st, 2000
July 1st, 2000 This description of the Quanterra timing errors is primarily taken from the 1999-2000 Annual Report of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. In late 1998, Quanterra provided the first release of MultiSHEAR, an enhanced version of its… more »

BK Network data available in SEED format

October 4th, 1999
October 4, 1999 As of October 4, 1999, the NCEDC can distribute all data for the entire BK network in SEED format with complete multi-stage instrument responses. This includes all seismic channels (broadband and strong motion), electric and magnetic… more »

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