Category: "Sampling Rate"

BDSN BH channels changed to 40 Hz sampling

June 15th, 2004
The BSL converted most - but not quite all - of the BDSN BH data streams from 20 samples per second to 40 samples per second at the beginning of the GMT day on June 15th (day 167). This change affects: BDM, BKS, BRIB (broadband sensor only), CMB, CVS,… more »

Modifications to the FIR filters on the BDSN and Mini-PBO Q4120 dataloggers

June 30th, 2003
The BDSN and MiniPBO Q4120 Quanterras will be reconfigured and rebooted at 5 pm PST today (July 1, 00:00 UTC) in order to change the FIR filter for the 100 Hz channels from acausal to causal. The affected stations are: BDSN BDM CVS FARB PACP POTP POTR… more »

Quanterra Timing Errors

July 1st, 2000
July 1st, 2000 This description of the Quanterra timing errors is primarily taken from the 1999-2000 Annual Report of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. In late 1998, Quanterra provided the first release of MultiSHEAR, an enhanced version of its… more »

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