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NSMP first generation SEED metadata available at the NCEDC

February 15th, 2012
February 15th, 2012 The NCEDC has completed the first generation of SEED metadata for instrumentation operated by the USGS National Strong Motion Project. The response information is available in various standard formats. Metadata is present for the… more »

Bug corrected in building SEED volumes at the NCEDC

March 26th, 2008
March 26th, 2008 The NCEDC has discovered and has corrected a bug in its procedure that create SEED volumes from data at the NCEDC. Under certain circumstances, when users requested multiple segments of data for the same channel and day, the data… more »

EVT_FAST now supports SEED format

November 11th, 2004
The NCEDC is very pleased to announce the availability of SEED and mini-SEED format output from the EVT_FAST data request tool. EVT_FAST is an email and Web-based tool for requesting event data recorded primarily by the Northern California Seismic… more »

NCSN data available in SEED format

November 11th, 2004
November 11, 2004 The NCEDC is very pleased to announce the availability of NCSN event waveform data in SEED format. As a result, NCSN waveform data recorded since 3/1984* and associated metadata are now available through NCEDC tools such as:… more »

Minor Data Formatting Error Corrected at the NCEDC

November 23rd, 2002
On November 23, 2002, the NCEDC discovered a minor data formatting error in some the MiniSEED and SEED data for days 2002/11/17 through 2002/11/23 (days 2002.321 through 2002.327). The error is not serious, and does not affect any data values. A… more »

BK Network data available in SEED format

October 4th, 1999
October 4, 1999 As of October 4, 1999, the NCEDC can distribute all data for the entire BK network in SEED format with complete multi-stage instrument responses. This includes all seismic channels (broadband and strong motion), electric and magnetic… more »

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