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Bug corrected in building SEED volumes at the NCEDC

The NCEDC has discovered and has corrected a bug in its procedure that create SEED volumes from data at the NCEDC. Under certain circumstances, when users requested multiple segments of data for the same channel and day, the data retriever would only retrieve data for the first request segment for that channel and day, and silently ignore the other data segments requests for that channel and day.

The result is that users may not have received all of the available data when requesting multiple segments of data from the same data channel within one day. This affected both SEED volumes create for BREQ_FAST and NetDC data requests.

You may query the NCEDC waveform inventory using several methods:

If you find that you are missing data from previous NetDC or BREQ_FAST SEED requests, please resubmit a new request for the missing data. The NCEDC apologizes for any problems resulting from this bug.