These days, you might find me playing bluegrass or Western swing around the Bay Area, or teaching fiddle at the 5th String music shop in Berkeley.

At Crystal Bay with Jimbo

Various recordings from high school to the present

w/ The Baked Potatoes:
Derick Montes (Vocals), Me (Guitar, Mandolin), Brendan Sever (Bass), John Sanchez (Drums), Max Hevelka (Percussion)
'Title' (Author)
  • 'Saturday'
  • (Baked Potatoes)
  • 'Pirate Song'
  • (Baked Potatoes)

    w/ All This Happened:
    Jeff Isoe (Guitar, Vocals), Me (Guitar, Violin, Vocals), Mike Robertson (Bass), Mark Schuester (Drums),
  • 'Pueblo'(Me)

  • Classical pieces:
    Me (Violin)
    Sonata No. 2 by Eugene Ysaye
  • 'Mvt 2'

  • 'Mvt 3'

  • Duo:
    Gordon Tsai (Violin), Me (Violin)
    Sonata for 2 Violins by Sergei Prokofiev
  • 'Mvt 1'

  • 'Mvt 2'

  • Swing Jazz:
    Mike Pardew (Guitar), Me (Violin), Dylan DiRobertis (Bass)
  • 'Harlem Nocturne'(Earl Hagen)

  • 'Nuage' (Django)

  • SF "Bluegrass" recordings:
    The Taco Jam: Mitch Polzak (Banjo, Vocals), Me (Violin), Jacob Grupeman (Guitar, Vocals), Gerry Tenny (Mandolin, Vocals), Dan Large (Bass)
  • 'Sweet Georgia Brown'(Standard)

  • 'These Old Blues' (Larry Sparks)

  • With Lady A and Her Heeldraggers
    Live on KDVS radio, 6/12/09
    Ayelet Arbuckle (vocals), Danny Chavez (Bass), Eric Chavez (Accordian, clarinet, harmonica), Will Fourt (guitar), Mikiya Matsuda (steel guitar), Me (Violin)
  • 'Cheatin'(Red Foley)

  • Live at the Hotel Utah, 12/16/09
  • 'Kitchen Table Swing'(Me)

  • With Big Possum
    Ted's garage Jimbo Trout (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica), Ted Silverman (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Tom Drohan (bass), Me (Violin)
  • 'Black Jack County Chains'

  • 'Sally Ann'