Quanterra Users Group

Quanterra Users Group


Welcome to the Quanterra Users Group Homepage. The Quanterra Users Group is a loosely-knit group of seismic network operators that use high-resolution seismic data acquisition systems produced by Quanterra, Inc of Harvard, MA. Quanterra datalogger are used by various seismic network such as the IRIS GSN, Berkeley Digital Seismic Network, and TERRAscope. The IRIS Global Seismic Network(GSN) was instrumental in the initial formation of the Quanterra Users Group, and continues to support the QUG.

Software Archive

The Quanterra Users Group maintains a software archive of Quanterra-supplied software for Quanterra dataloggers and data acquisition as well as user-contributed software used for data acquisition and data manipulation. The QUG Software Archive can be accessed from your brower or using anonymous ftp at ftp://ftp.ncedc.org/pub/quanterra

If you have software or other items to submit to the QUG Software Archive, please contact Doug Neuhauser at the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.

Annual QUG Meeting

The Quanterra Users Group holds an annual meeting, usually at the site of one of the participating networks.

Questions on QUG

If you have questions about the Quanterra Users Group, you may contact Doug Neuhauser at the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.
Doug Neuhauser			University of California, Berkeley
doug@seismo.berkeley.edu 	Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
Phone: 510-642-0931		207 McCone Hall # 4760
Fax:   510-643-5811		Berkeley, CA  94720-4760
BSL Administrative office: 510-642-1884

Quaterra Product Information

For information on Quanterra data loggers, please contact Quanterra, Inc. at:
	Quanterra, Inc.
	325 Ayer Road, Suite 16
	Harvard, MA  01451
	Phone:  1-978-772-4774
	Fax:    1-978-772-4645
or send email to Quanterra.