For Researchers: Reproducing NCSS Catalog Locations with Program Hypoinverse

NCSS earthquake locations are calculated using program Hypoinverse2000. To reproduce the catalog by calculating the locations from raw data, the same metadata must be used. This metadata includes station corrections, the velocity model, etc. The NCEDC has put together a package of this medatdata, described below.

Documentation for hypoinverse is available at this link: ​​ The latest version of hypoinverse can be downloaded using this GitLab link

Files are available at To get the metadata, please download it as a zip file:

The metadata files included in this zip file include:

  • cal5-1.41.hyp: hypoinvese set-up
  • multmod5a.hyp: velocity model configuration
  • hypoinverse/hypfiles: config file including station correction (allseed.sta)
  • hypoinverse/models: velocity models

The hypoinverse metadata spreadsheet provides more detailed information.