Download Software

Scripts and programs for downloading data

  • Fetch scripts are simple command line Perl scripts that request data and information from web services at the NCEDC and compatible services at other data centers. NCEDC specific wrapper scripts can be downloaded here.
  • The Simple Waveform Client (SWC) is a command-line program for easily dowloading waveform retrieval from the NCEDC Archive and NCEDC DART (Data Available in Real Time). SWC retrieves data in miniSEED format (no instrument response metadata). Instrument response metadata can be retrieved through web services as dataless seed (readable with rdseed), resp file format, or station XML. Full network IR metadata is available in our network directories
    More about SWC

Programs related to data quality

  • psd is a background noise acceleration Power Spectral Density (PSD) estimation algorithm designed specifically to extract all necessary information and data for calculating the PSD estimates from a SEED data volume.

Programs for reading and converting SEED or MiniSEED data

  • ms2sac Converts a MiniSEED file to SAC format. The coordinates for the stations will NOT be entered into the SAC header.
  • rdseed: IRIS has developed and freely distributes the program rdseed which will read SEED files, extract station/channel instrument responses, and convert the seismograms to other standard user format such as AH, SAC, CSS, and miniSEED formats. The program is available from the IRIS DMC
  • mssplit: Split multi-channel MiniSEED file into single channel MiniSEED files.

Programs for Reading and Converting Other Data Formats to MiniSEED format

  • pcql2msThe Unocal/Calpine Geysers waveform data is distributed in the Unocal PCQL format. The program pcql2ms can be used to convert the PCQL event waveform files to MiniSEED.
  • The segy2ms program converts waveform data in "LBL SEGY" format to MiniSEED format. THe 1987-1998 Parkfield (HRSN/BP) assembled dataset is in this format.