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The ANSS (Advanced National Seismic System) Composite Catalog is a world-wide earthquake catalog created by merging the master earthquake catalogs from contributing ANSS institutions and then removing duplicate solutions for the same event. The ANSS Composite Earthquake Catalog grew out of the efforts of the CNSS (Council of the National Seismic System). It was previously called the CNSS Earthquake Catalog. The ANSS Composite Catalog consists of earthquake hypocenters, orgin times, and magnitudes. Beginning January 1, 2013, ComCat is the catalog of record, superseding the ANSS catalog. ComCat, a newer and different composite catalog, contains earthquake source parameters (e.g. hypocenters, magnitudes, phase picks and amplitudes) and other products (e.g. moment tensor solutions, macroseismic information, tectonic summaries, maps) produced by contributing seismic networks. However, historic regional seismic network catalogs have not yet been fully loaded into the ANSS Comprehensive Catalog.

Use the form below to search the historic global earthquake ANSS Composite Catalog. Help with the form is available, as is archived information about the catalog's creation. You can also download the Readable Catalog Format and the Raw Catalog Format

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When you use data from the historic anss comprehensive catalog, please provide a proper acknowledgement of the data source.