Other Catalogs

TremorScope Tremor Catalog

TremorScope is a small network of borehole and surface stations positioned to record deep tremor along the San Andreas Fault in central California. The TremorsScope tremor catalog is hosted on the UC Berkeley Seismological Lab's TremorScope pages.

Berkeley Moment Tensor Catalog

The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) routinely determines moment tensors for events occurring in Central and Northern California, and for notable earthquakes in the western US. You can search the moment tensor catalog through the NCEDC's catalog search page. [As "Input Catalog", choose the Mechanism Catalog. Output formats for moment tensors are: psmeca (for plotting with GMT), the format of the old BSL Moment Tensor Catalog, and a format like that of the Global CMT simple reports.] More information about the Berkeley Moment Tensor Project can be found on the UC Berkeley Seismological Lab pages.

Miller-Bolt Catalog

Catalog of earthquakes in northern California and adjoining areas : 1 January 1910-31 December 1972 / Bruce A. Bolt [and] Roy D. Miller.
Available from the UC Berkeley Library System

Townley-Allen Catalog

The Townley-Allen catalog is a compilation of earthquakes based on newspaper accounts, covering the period 1769-1927. It is not available in a searchable format, but a copy may be obtained from the NCEDC by anonymous ftp.

Calpine/Unocal Geysers Network 1995-1998

Unocal and Calpine released an unedited earthquake catalog for events in 1995-1998 with approximate times and very rough hypocenters for some of the event represented in the time series, primarily as an index aid for the waveforms. Unocal and Calpine make no claims that this catalog is complete in any manner, and assume no responsibilty for the accuracy or usefulness of the catalog data.

  • View the catalog
  • Main NCEDC page for the Calpine/Unocal Geysers Network (1989-2000) and the Enhanced Geothermal Systems project site at The Geysers (2009-present)

HRSN Catalog 1987-1998

Operated by the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, the High-Resolution Seismic Network (HRSN) is an array of borehole instrumentation deployed in the Parkfield area, with the goal of monitoring microseismicity on the San Andreas fault. Older HRSN data include a catalog of earthquake locations derived from the HRSN data (1987-1998). Please see our webpage on older HRSN data for more information on using this data set.

  • Location catalog: A catalog of earthquake locations derived from the HRSN data is available: Parkfield catalog of events 1987 - 1998
  • Waveform Archive: The waveform file archive is available as an assembled data set. These older waveforms span January 1987 through June 1998. Many of the SEGY files also have pick files (files with a suffix of .pf.) The pick files for an event are located in the same directory as the waveform file for that event.