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NCSS monitoring returned to normal after Butte and Valley fires

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November 19, 2015 

November 19th, 2015

The dataflow into the Northern California Seismic Network (NCSN, netowrk code NC) has nearly returned to normal, following significant infrastructure damage from the Valley and Butte fires.

This figure shows the distribution of magnitudes as a function of time in the NCSS Geysers polygon. Note the apparent decrease in earthquakes with magnitudes between 0 and 0.5 during the interval that no BG data was being received. (Click to view larger.)

The Valley fire affected stations in and around the Geysers. Data from the 32 stations of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL) Geysers network (network code BG) are collected at the Geysers Administration Center (GAC). The link from the GAC to Menlo Park was re-established Nov 3rd at 1900 UTC. The NCSN is once again receiving data from 24 BG stations. The 8 remaining LBL stations are operating, but communications from the stations on Socrates Rd have not been re-established to the GAC. Telemetry links from NCSN stations NC.GBG and NC.GBR were restored in late Sept, while sites NP.COB, NP.ADSP, and NP.ADS2 are remain down. Discussions are underway with Calpine and LBL about restorating strong motion monitoring.

Stations in the Sierra Foothills were affected by the Butte fire. EMP staff worked with the Army Core of Engineers (ACOE) and other agencies to restore communications at the Sierra Vista microwave site on Oct 29th, 2304 UTC. Since then, data are flow in from stations ABJ, AOH, BMS, BRM, HSL, MBE, MBU, MCUB, MHD, MMI, MMT, MPR, MRH, MYL, PAR, PDR, PHB, PJC, PJU, PKE, and PWM.