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Entire NCEDC Dataset Now Available Through AWS

Categories:   Data Availability  |  Data Access Methods  |  Data Center Operations

February 9, 2024 

In 2023, the NCEDC archive became part of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Open Data Sponsorship Program and all of its data are now mirrored in the cloud (s3://ncedc‐pds; us‐east‐2 region). Tutorials and scripts are available to facilitate user access to this public data set. This allows the NCEDC to leverage Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and provide users the ability to provision gigabit connections to the archive as well as take advantage of the numerous computational resources offered by AWS.

NCEDC data holdings currently consist of more than 184 TB of data encompassing 29 networks and 2,640 stations. Time series data come from broadband, short period, strong motion seismic sensors, and other geophysical instruments. Earthquake catalogs include origin time, hypocenter, magnitude, moment tensor, focal mechanisms, phase arrivals, codas, and amplitude data. Metadata and instrument response for seismic sites are accessible in various formats for all data channels archived at the NCEDC.

The tutorial linked below describes some quick examples on how to start using the NCEDC dataset. An AWS account is not required to access the dataset.

The page below describes how the NCEDC waveform data, catalog data, and metadata are organized within the AWS Public Dataset: