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IP Address Change

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May 26, 2005 

May 26th, 2005

The NCEDC will begin moving its computers to a new, more seismically secure building and computer room facility. This will require a new IP address for the NCEDC web and ftp server. The new address, starting at 2005/05/26,12:00 PDT will be:

If your computer uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to look up the IP address of a hostname, you do not need to make any changes. Your computer will automatically find the new address once the address change has been made.

However, if your computer uses static host tables (/etc/hosts on most Unix systems), you will need to update the address in the hosts file at that time.

If you have any problems connecting to the NCEDC computer after Thursday, May 26 2005, please contact Doug Neuhauser at

The NCEDC web and ftp server will be unavailable for ~ 2 hours during this move. We regret any inconvenience that this causes.

The NCEDC is a joint project of the University of California, Berkeley and the USGS. Please send us email at or fill out our comments form if you have questions or comments about these changes.